Look at me now.
In search of a new identity

How many ways are there to be human? The thirteenth issue of maize delves into the topic of identity, and the countless facets that make us who we are. History and philosophy, music and technology, anthropology and modernity: this edition covers it all.

Culture & Society

Caroline Sinders: the power of art and the need for change

The fight for human rights has been battering the nations’ parliaments for decades and one of the forms this fight can take is creativity.

a conversation with Caroline Sinders

Art & Music

The view through sound

Music has been everywhere since the dawn of time, but not everyone listens to it. Yet, it has shaped us for the longest time in many ways.

a conversation with Blixa Bargeld and Teho Teardo

Artificial Intelligence

A bumpy transition into tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something humans can greatly benefit from. But the idea of being able to create entirely new and fake realities with the click of a button is som...

by Vittorio Di Tomaso


Gold identities

A tribute to maize magazine’s late editor Matteo Scanni.

by Alberto Nerazzini

Photos by Rocco Rorandelli.
Culture & Society

The school that doesn’t exist

Where do we cultivate the independent thinking we need as adults to deal with the world? Professor Roberto Guardigli examines the theme.

by Roberto Guardigli

Photos by Stephane Remael
Culture & Society

The evaporated

When reality is too hard to grapple with, the only comfort lies off the grid.

by Tino Mantarro

This Week's maize obessions are

Environment & Sustainability &

Media &

The complexity of reality

Reality is complex, so much so that there’s an entire institution devoted to studying this issue, in all its sprawling facets. The economy, the human brain, cities, and even the ...

a conversation with David Krakauer

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Strategic decision-making in times of confusion

When owners and managers are in a hurry they tend to grab the nearest solution. Bad idea. Always try to look further, wider and deeper.

by Howard Tullman

Art & Music

Can cyber art show the unseen inside us?

The artworks by Heather Dewey-Hagborg often lack legal precedent, because the use of personal data in the age of surveillance does too

a conversation with Heather Dewey-Hagborg


Prepare for the unexpected

Although the Covid-19 situation was definitely unexpected, it has given us a lot to think about.

by Menny Barzilay


Virtual tripping

Altered states through psychedelics could be the tool humanity needs to prepare for a virtual reality future.

by Faye Bradley

Artificial Intelligence

How to turn your body into a device

It’s clear that technology is expanding options for sexual experiences, but will it influence how we interact with and love others?

by Trudy Barber

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