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Expiring decisions

What does an organization look like where there is an expiration date set for everything?

by Tomas Barazza

Culture & Society

A brief history of gender identity

by Ornella Sinigaglia

Culture & Society

Become what you are

Shaking off centuries worth of rotten bias is a long and difficult process. Acknowledging the problem is the first crucial step.

by Laura Silvia Battaglia


Against identity

Sometimes identity is “negative,” in that it is defined by what someone (or something) is not. And that can be a powerful catalyst for the op...

by Francesca Coin

Illustrations by Elisa Seitzinger
Art & Music

Getting a word in — The theatre of voice

We become what we are through voice—our own, but also that of others. And silence sets the stage where the theatrical, vocal performance of life comes to light.

by Matteo Bonazzi

Artwork courtesy of Forensic Architecture
Culture & Society

Free to migrate

Migration has had and still has a great impact on human history: it shapes countries, economies, cultures and – now more than ever – the climate.

a conversation with Telmo Pievani

Credit: Evan Baden
Digital transformation

No right to be forgotten

The internet has unlocked a world full of potential, but it makes things hard to disappear. And that influences us.

by Francesca Sironi

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Culture & Society &

Philosophy &


Look at me now.
In search of a new identity

How many ways are there to be human? The thirteenth issue of maize delves into the topic of identity, and the countless facets that make us who we are. History and philosophy, music and technology, anthropology and modernity: this edition covers it all.

Subjectivity beyond the threshold

We find ourselves in others. That seems to have been a lesson so deeply ingrained in our philosophical view of the self that we have all but abandoned alternative views. But what d...

by Silvia Vizzardelli

Digital ethics

Writing our future freedom ourselves

Society was so worried about potential government interventions into the digital sphere, that powerful Silicon Valley companies swept in and largely took over instead. Our digit...

by Jillian York

Digital transformation

Selfie culture

Selfies don’t come out of nowhere: for centuries self-representation mirrored and shaped societies and identities through different devices...

by Riccardo Trabattoni

Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Authentic leadership is change you can cultivate

Leaders should lead, not issue orders; they are a lighthouse to the other colleagues’ boats, not shadowy figures sitting atop an organizational chart

by Francesca Bellettini

Illustrations by Francesca Ragazzi
Innovation culture

Us against the world

An essay on counterculture

by Riccardo Trabattoni

Illustrations by Gastón Mendieta
Art & Music

The view through sound

Music has been everywhere since the dawn of time, but not everyone listens to it. Yet, it has shaped us for the longest time in many ways.

a conversation with Blixa Bargeld and Teho Teardo

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