maize.INSIGHTS: our methodology

A think tank using future design to equip organizations with the cultural understanding needed to read, deal with, and master change.

by maize

maize.INSIGHTS is a strategic think tank, consisting of a multidisciplinary team with the research and know-how to answer contemporary and future challenges.

We provide organizations that are willing to be future-ready, with unique cross-industry perspectives on fast-changing human behaviors, markets, and technologies.

Our think tank leverages future design to equip organizations with the cultural understanding needed to read, deal with, and master future scenarios and their ever-changing nature.

Innovation is ongoing, constant, and global. It takes shape through what might seem to be randomness that drives changes in social, cultural, and technological realms, starting as weak—at times individual—signals and then erupts into observable phenomena, able to affect and alter our perspective of contemporaneity. 

Therefore, to understand the present and be able to seize the signs for future changes—whether they are upcoming or way off, evident or barely noticeable—it is essential to be capable to identify and decipher such phenomena.

Our strategists research and analyze these drivers of change to assess their future impact and help organizations fully envision future scenarios—thereby thriving in new opportunity gaps. 

Different kinds of future scenarios could be reached, all depending on the deepness at the time. The further we distance from the present and knowledge, the more we will have to cope with uncertainties. 

Through future design, we classify scenarios by the likelihood of their occurrence: 

  • Probable – a scenario that is likely to happen soon, due to small—possibly already observable—changes within the status quo. Under this scenario, organizations play a follower rather than an innovator role. The future resembles the present, even in its problems;
  • Possible – a far away possible scenario involving wide-scale changes to the economy, culture, and society. Organizations willing to follow this scenario partly embrace some phenomena, working vertically on those without broadening their horizons too much. The future will not be completely under control because some elements are missing;
  • Preferable – a desired future scenario, that takes place between knowledge of the insights and focus of the desires. Insights knowledge is crucial to define the path to be followed, while desires focus serves to identify how an organization could exploit insights to achieve its ideal future. In this case, organizations play an active part in the development of their desired future scenario. In-depth research of drivers of change and trends acknowledgment becomes part of their strategic plan. Organizations are innovators and not market followers.

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